Rolex Submariner 116618ln
Rolex Submariner

How the price of Rolex's legendary diving watch has changed over the decades

The price development of the Submariner

The latest version of the Submariner was presented by Rolex at Baselworld 2012, with the current Submariner “No-Date”, at a price of 5,840 euros. A good thousand euros have since been added, 6,900 euros being the current price of the cheapest version of the popular diving watch.

Rolex Submariner 114060

In mid-2017, the Submariner “No-Date” cost 6,800 euros

The most recently introduced Submariner Date, the Reference 116610LV (with green dial), was priced at 6,200 euros when it was introduced in 2010. Currently it is 8,350 euros! Also sounding impressive is the yellow gold version. The Reference 116618LN costs 31,600 euros, five hundred euros more than half a year ago!

Rolex Submariner 116618ln

Submariner Date, Ref. 116618LN, in yellow gold

To make it short: There is movement in it. And upwards at that. An interesting study from the United States a few years ago researched the price development of the Submariner introduced in 1953, which cost around $ 150 in the mid-1950s. Taking inflation into account, its price in 2014 would have been around $ 1,250. But it is not. $ 7,500 is the cost of the comparable Submariner “No-Date” at this time. Let’s see how it continues…

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