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The popular special edition green model from Rolex

Submariner “Hulk” – all about

There’s no doubt about the origin of the Rolex Submariner nickname “Hulk”: referenced as 116610 LV and presented at Baselworld in 2010, with a green bezel and green dial, it comes across as flashy and powerful – just like Hulk, the furious giant from Marvel comics.

Rolex Submariner 116610lv

The Submariner Date, Ref. 116610LV (Photo: Rolex)

“Hulk” came to life in 2003. For the 50th anniversary of the Submariner, Rolex introduced the Reference 116610LV, the first with a green bezel; the LV stands for “lunette verte” (French for “green bezel”). The color scheme caused a stir as a significant change to the model, something that you were not used to seeing from Rolex at the time.

Rolex Submariner 16610LV, 2003

Rolex Submariner 16610LV, 2003

Reference 116610LV finally arrived in 2010, now with a green dial, green Cerachrom ceramic bezel, and of course massive housing, and since then, it really deserves the name “Hulk”, which also shows in its features: for example, if the wearer’s forearm is bigger… the Submariner “Hulk” swells up accordingly, being well prepared with the Oyster band Glide-Lock system. Or better still, as what the Rolex Submariner actually is, – a diver’s watch!

Rolex Oyster Bracelet, Glidelock

Rolex Oyster bracelet with Glidelock extension system (Photo: Rolex)

If you dive at 30 °C in tropical waters, or in Nordic climes at 2-15 °C, you will appreciate being able to conveniently adjust the watch strap to match the thickness of the suit.

Rolex Glidelock

Oysterlock clasp and Glidelock (Photo: Rolex)

The key features of the Submariner “Hulk” for underwater use are, of course, its high 300m water resistance, unidirectional rotating bezel for measuring diving time, and the excellent readability of hands and dial. And to ensure that the exact time is displayed even under stress, it’s got the Caliber 3135 robustness and precision design.

Rolex Caliber 3135

Known for its reliability, Caliber 3135 works in all Submariner Date models (Photo: Rolex)

The selling price of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date, Ref. 116610LV- to use its full name, or just “Hulk” for short, is currently 8,350 euros, according to Rolex recommendations.

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That’s an interesting price development, bearing in mind that the list price was 6,220 euros upon introduction in 2010. Looking at the second-hand market, it can be seen that e.g. the online platform Chrono24 currently offers almost 300 models with Reference 116610LV, whereby the cheapest “Hulk” costs close to 8,500 euros. In addition, still quite a few standard models are offered in the range of 12,000 to 15,000 euros.

Rolex Submariner Hulk, chrono24, eng

The cheapest “Hulk” currently offered on chrono24. See here the offer! (Image:

Some diamond-studded special models can be found for more than 18,000 euros. An interesting aspect – especially for collectors – would be that the Submariner “Hulk” is a special edition model (even if not a “limited edition”), in which you never know if and when it may be discontinued by Rolex.

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In this video of the Submariner “Hulk” Ref. 116610LV some interesting details can be seen (sometimes a bit out of focus), such as: The beautiful color play of the dial with changing light incidence, or the functionality of the Glide-Lock system:

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