Rolex GMT-Master 2 116710blnr
Rolex GMT Master

For the GMT Master 2 with a blue and black bezel, there was only one possible eponymist

The Rolex Batman

We don’t know if Gotham’s rich and fearless benefactor Bruce Wayne would have a Rolex GMT-Master in his collection. It doesn’t matter anyway! In whichever way the superhero Batman, loved by the Good and feared by the Bad, reads the time, watch enthusiasts around the world know what is meant when his name is mentioned in the context of Rolex.

Rolex GMT-Master 2, 116710BLNR

That’s it! The Reference 116710BLNR, in stainless steel with a blue and black bezel: Batman (Image: Rolex)

Responsible for the nickname is the model’s two-colored turning bezel. It’s been some time, but blue was one of the dominant colors of the bat hero. And black even more so, after all, as he is a figure of the shadows, or rather “The Dark Knight”! Two-color bezels are nothing new for the GMT-Master, as even the first model had this feature. At that time it was still produced from the plastic bakelite, when the turning ring of the original GMT-Master presented in 1954 was red and blue. Coincidentally, also the colors of the popular American soft drink “Pepsi”, which also caught on as a nickname and made collectors’ hearts beat even faster because of its long history.

First GMT-Master 2, 1955

The 1954 GMT-Master, with “Pepsi” bezel (Image: Rolex)

There are several stories on the origin of the choice of colors: symbolizing the difference between night and day is a very plausible explanation, since the specialty of the watch is its display of different time zones. Another popular explanation is that the colors of the major American airline PanAm served as inspiration. But whichever it is, a significant separation of daytime and night-time is an obvious criterion. Depending on the color variant and material, there is one more different detail: the additional hour hand of the model was kept in red for a long time, but the GMT-Master 2 “Batman” now has it in blue. In addition, it is now also available in green and gold, while Rolex currently offers the rotating bezels in black, blue and black, and in blue and red.

Rolex GMT-Master 2, 116719BLRO

The blue and red bezel is currently only available for the white gold version (Image: Rolex)

Apart from the new colors, the GMT-Master 2 “Batman” brought with it another great feature to its presentation in 2013: For the first time Rolex succeeded in making its still young and highly innovative ceramic bezel from a piece of Cerachrom in two colors. One year later, the new procedure was then applied to the traditional “Red and Blue”.

Rolex Cerachrom bezel GMT-Master 2

The modern ceramic bezels of the GMT-Master are extremely durable (Image: Rolex)

And anyway …

Somehow there is something superheroic in its DNA! It’s powerful, beyond a doubt, but relaxed and reserved at the same time. Elegant cloth, or sporty practical workwear, almost everything suits. It’s beautiful, but it doesn’t care. In the air or deep below the water’s surface … designed as an aviator’s watch and equipped with the most powerful components around its sturdy Oyster case, it’s a tower of strength in the face of the forces of nature.

In this video, the GMT-Master 2 “Batman” is shown in detail:


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