Rolex GMT-Master 2 Fake, movement
Rolex GMT Master

Part II: Comparison between original and forgery

Rolex GMT-Master 2: The inner workings of a fake

In which external characteristics a faked GMT-Master 2 “Batman” differs from the original, we have found in the 1. Part of this article. Conclusion: Differences between original and fake can be found in almost all details. However, if you are not well off, or have no original for comparison, it can be difficult.

Rolex GMT-Master 2 Fake, 3

And this fake is only of medium quality

Rolex GMT-Master 2 116710blnr

The original, the Reference 116710BLNR (©Rolex)

Let us now take a look at the inner life. In the GMT-Master 2 “Batman” works the Caliber 3186, the mechanical movement developed and manufactured by Rolex with automatic self-winding mechanism. However, the brand new Caliber 3285 is used in the new models introduced in 2018.

Rolex Caliber 3186

Rolex Caliber 3186 (©Rolex)

Rolex Caliber 3285

And the new Caliber 3285 (©Rolex)

Here you will find detailed information about the Calibers!

If you open the counterfeit case, you have, after all, a mechanical movement in front of you. The rotor is moving and it doesn’t look so bad at first sight.

Rolex GMT-Master 2 Fake, movement

The movement of the counterfeit looks at least functional

However, it has little to do with the original, already the perpetual rotor of the GMT-Master 2 looks clearly different compared to the fake. And even if the imitation movement is equipped with oscillator, balance bridge and shock protection, it can’t fool even a layman.

Rolex GMT-Master 2 Fake, movement close 2

Here the fake is quickly recognized

But it is advised to be careful, there are so-called 1:1 copies, in which almost all characteristics correspond optically to the original as far as possible. In addition, the counterfeiting industry is constantly improving. Even if this is not supposed to promise absolute security, there are still features that even top forgeries can hardly offer.

Rolex Escapement, Balance Wheel

The characteristic blue Rolex Parachrom hairspring is a good distinguishing feature (©Rolex)

In this interesting video you can see the inner workings of the original and the fake:

See here the comparison of the external characteristics of original and fake!

Continuously updated article, originally posted in March 2017.

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