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The online service brings to light the most unusual variations of the cult chronograph

The 12 coolest Rolex Daytona on Instagram

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona! 1960s racing chronograph and absolute heavyweight in Rolex history. It is probably the most popular collector’s watch in the world… and for the moment also the most expensive timepiece ever auctioned. Nobody will ever see all the variants of the cult model produced over the decades – but the search is always worthwhile! These beautiful pieces caught our eye on Instagram:

The Top 12

#1 The most expensive timepiece

The Cosmograph Daytona by Paul Newman, Ref. 6239 with Exotic Dial – the most expensive watch ever auctioned:

#2 Daytona & Friends

Nothing better than good company!

#3 Nylonstrap

On the nylon strap you rarely get to see the Daytona… looks pretty good on her!

#4 Leatherstrap

Logically, the vintage classic can also be worn on leather:

#5 Matt Black with Rainbow Bezel

Striking counter-example to the vintage versions:

#6 Sir Jackie Stewarts Daytona

At home, so to speak: on the wrist of racing legend Sir Jackie Stewart.

#7 Stewarts Vintage Daytona

Same man, different Daytona. At the end of the 60’s Stewart got this model as a present to win a big race in Monaco:

#8 Pre-Daytona

Just one step from Daytona.

#9 Blackened Custom Daytona with “Thai Dial”

The resale value banished to the unknown …

#10 Vintage Daytona & Coffee

Hot or cold brew, that’s how the coffee tastes!

#11 Ref.6241 & Bentley

Well, you can combine…

#12 Ref.6265 Red Dial

Red and rare:

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Constantly updated article, originally posted in August 2018

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