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Rolex Caliber 4130

In 2000, Rolex presented the Cosmograph Daytona for the first time with a mechanism built completely on-site, making the legendary racing chronograph the perfect manufactured watch.

Rolex Daytona, 2000

The Daytona Ref. 116520 was the first with the chronograph movement developed by Rolex (Photo: Rolex)

The features and performance features of Caliber 4130

  • Perpetual, mechanical chronograph
  • Winding in both directions
  • Perpetual rotor
  • Column wheel and vertical clutch for instantaneous chronograph start 

  • Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring
  • 28.800 A/h
  • 44 jewels
  • Power reserve: approx. 72 hours
  • Accuracy -2/+2 seconds per day
  • Diameter 30.5mm; Height 6.5mm
Rolex Caliber 4130

Since 2005, the Caliber 4130 has been equipped with the powerful blue Parachrom hairspring (Photo: Rolex)

In the late 1980s, Rolex continued to develop the Cosmograph Daytona as an automatic watch. It was built using the proven El Primero mechanism by Zenith, which Rolex extensively revised and called the 4030 Caliber. Over two decades later, the Caliber 4130, now fully internally developed and manufactured, represents a milestone. Thanks to innovative and patented technical solutions, the new high performance mechanism can set a new standard for high quality self-winding chronographs in terms of efficiency, accuracy, reliability, robustness and ease of maintenance. The use of a vertical instead of a lateral clutch to activate the chronograph is one of the high-performance cornerstones of the 4130 Caliber.

The reduction of the individual parts (the number is said to have been reduced by about 60% for the chronograph mechanism) has played a significant role in the design. Thus, among other things, more space was created for a larger tension spring, thereby increasing the power reserve from 50 to 72 hours.

In this great video you can watch the disassembly of a Caliber 4130:

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Photos: Rolex

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