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The Most Successful Rolex Influencers on Instagram

Influencers” are people who, due to their high number of contacts and followers in the large social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, are particularly suitable for advertising activities. With the enormously increased influence of digital networks, it has become increasingly interesting for companies to use such personalities specifically for marketing purposes. In contrast to conventional, more general advertising measures, the direct influence of the influencers, who probably owe their name to the book “Influence: Science and Practice” by the American Robert Cialdini, is used. Not surprising, considering that these internet stars sometimes have hundreds of thousands, sometimes even millions of followers and can therefore address more or less directly. By the way, anyone who has less than 100,000 followers is only considered a “micro-influencer”. No matter on which platform you look around, the topic of luxury watches is represented extensively. Below we show you some of the most influential influencers on Instagram when it comes to Rolex.

The Top Rolex Influencers

Daily Watch

Behind perhaps the largest Instagram profile on the subject of watches at the moment are the watch experts from 8past10 around the collector and author Kristian Haagen. Over 2 million subscribers are reached here!

Watch Anish

Anish Bhatt is considered a superstar among watch bloggers, with WatchAnish the digital luxury & lifestyle publicist reaches around 1.7 million followers.

Fratello Watches

Watch lover and author Robert-Jan Broer has made a name for himself in the watch scene with his FratelloWatches website, founded in 2004, and reaches around 125,000 people with his Instagram profile.


Not an influencer, but rather a meeting point for all those who can’t get enough of beautiful Rolex models. However, with around 690,000 subscribers, the profile has a significant reach.

Rolex whisky

Lover and collector Gavin Linde combines his passion for whiskey and Rolex and offers a treat for eye, palate and wrist… and thus reaches around 34,000 followers.

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