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Mighty Crown

Rolex is truly the “crown” of the watch brands. And Rolex is synonymous with luxury watches, even luxury in general, and where reliable technology is needed, the watch brand is number one.

The high desirability associated with the brand name is nourished by several factors: On the one hand, there is the recognizable design of each individual model, which changes only slightly over decades and never gives in to entertaining fashions. Thus, every Rolex watch has what it takes to become a classic, and in fact, you can unerringly recognize any Rolex model on your opponent’s arm. This is particularly easy with the large icons like Submariner, GMT-Master II or Daytona; but also plain models like Datejust and Explorer or Milgauss or Yacht-Master II can be easily recognized with a little practice.

Datejust (20 560 € in Gelbgold mit Goldband)
Datejust (20.560 €in
yellow gold with gold band)
Cosmograph Daytona
(27.140 € in white gold)
GMT-Master II
(6.170 € in steel)


The second reason for the success of the watch brand lies in the pioneering role it plays in many respects. Rolex was the first manufacturer to mention his name on the dial (from 1908), received an official certificate for a wristwatch (1910) and invented both the waterproof timepiece (1926) and the modern automatic winding mechanism without buffer (1931), as well as the advertised weekday display (1956).

Technology fans also love Rolex because of the constant improvement of its watches: Since the development of the above-mentioned and other designs, which are common standards today, the Geneva-based manufactory has been constantly working on technical details. In the last ten years alone, aluminium rotating bezels have been replaced by scratch-resistant ceramic scales, crowns with new gaskets have been made even more water-resistant, a special, particularly strong luminous material has been developed, band lugs have been made more solid and clasps have been equipped with finely graduated extensions.

Rolex hat die Unruh und die blaue Parachrom-Spirale selbst entwickelt

Rolex developed the balance and the blue parachrom hairspring itself

Rolex also pays particular attention to its movements, which are always automatic. To the delight of technology-oriented markets such as Germany, real basic research is being carried out here. Like the entire construction of the movement, these new components were also designed for accuracy, robustness and longevity. The characteristics that Rolex has stood for since its foundation in 1905.

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