Rolex Submariner Date 116613LN
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Noble with criminal past auctioned the Leicestershire Police in the eBay shop

English police sell Rolex on eBay

If the policemen of the English county of Leicestershire take the Rolex from a crook, you may be able to buy it at eBay afterwards. The Business Insider recently reported and gave some interesting examples of the sales activities of the British authority. Since 2009, Leicestershire Police has been running its eBay shop, which auctions everything from T-shirts to luxury cars that could be bought by criminals. And every now and then there is of course a Rolex among them, the last one changed hands in November 2017.

Rolex Submariner Date 116613LN

An older version of this model was auctioned for around 5,275 euros (Photo: Rolex)

Not a bad buy, this model in stainless steel and yellow gold costs 12.000,- €. A few months earlier it was a golden Sky-Dweller, which even brought in an impressive 21,500 €. Those who are happy for the employees of the Leicestershire Police, assuming that the ladies and gentlemen can now at least devote themselves to the fight against crime, free of financial worries…. it should be said that the proceeds from the sales will benefit the treasury. Since registering the eBay shop, the authority has already been able to earn almost 1.6 million euros. Of course, only those items may be sold that were acquired with money from crime, by no means stolen property. And since the Leicestershire Police is also quite well rated as a seller, you can see when the next Rolex comes under the hammer.

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